Monday, July 4, 2011

Blouberg in less than 24

I am in between coming back from Gabon and traveling to Tanzania, so I had a few hours to go to the beach while "passing through Cape Town". This is more or less what I saw....

There are two ultra depwater rigs lying in Table Bay. These drillships belong to Pacific Drilling and are on their way to Nigeria. This is Pacific Scirocco, the other one is called the Pacific Bora.

A lone kite surfer making use of the last bit of sunshine at Blouberg Beach. The wind was perfect, but somehow only one guy decided to get is feet wet. It was quite cold, but that usually don't deter any surfers or kitesurfers to go out when the conditions are right.

I didn't see this one coming and had to scramble to get to higher ground after this wave broke against a huge concrete block that was left from the damage done by high seas during the past couple of weeks.

Another beautiful sunset in Cape Town.

Since the Stormers lost against the Crusaders we have these weird dark clouds hanging over Cape Town. It does provide for some spectacular pictures though...I just need the camera skills like the Stormers need the ball handling skills...

This morning on my way to work. It seems that the Seli 1 is about to be "salvaged". Let's rather say the leftovers of the Seli 1 is about to be removed. Sorry surfing buddies...the end of good waves. 

Another dark cloud looming over Cape Town. If I'm not mistaken from my varsity days these are called Cumulus Lenticularis clouds.

Anyway, so I am off to Tanzania tomorrow to go to a small town called Mtwara. I've never been there before, so I am quite excited. Will take some pictures there too....

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  1. Jy sien meer in 24 uur as wat ons locals in 'n jaar sien☺