Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sour Grapes

To the few South Africans sitting with their arses in other countries watching the news to see how the crime is going to ruin the World Cup, here is some advice. You are going to find much more enjoyment in watching the soccer and all the partying that's going along with it, than watching the news hoping to find something that's going to make you feel better for leaving the country. You have made your decision to move, and we are glad you did, but please don't try and remind us of the crime when you see something on the news, we live here, we know what's happening and we can read too. We know how to deal with it. If we cannot deal with it anymore, then we will also run away.

To the ones that have left and do not annoy us with their "told you so" attitude, we are sad you have left, we need you in SA and would've loved if you could share in the exitement. May you also find joy in watching the soccer.

To all the real South Africans that have not jumped the ship before it has even started to sink, may we ALL have the best World Cup ever, and may we show the world that this is still the best country to live in! Viva Bafana, Viva South Africa!


  1. Hey, remenber, people have been well warned about the issues in South Africa, we know there is poverty, we know there is crime, so whats new there, every country has its own issues, South Africa cannot and should not be condemned for trying to make it better for the country, granted not everybody is going to benefit, you cant change everything over night, but your trying, and football brings people together, regardless of colour , class , or creed, so I see many positives from what is happening, and I do expect some bad reports, but you have to remember where you are and what type of life some people are subjected to, do you blame them for wanting what others take for granted. I do not condone violence in any way, but the supporters from all over the world should know what they are coming to and have no complaints if they bring trouble on themselves, its two way, not all people in SA are looking for trouble, but if it comes to them, then like any other country they will deal with it.

    Hope football shines through for the Rainbow Nation, you made it, your finest hour in many years is about to start, lets hope it shows all the good things about a fantastic country, and brings hope to many who did not have it before.

    Bafana Bafana, do your country proud.

  2. Viva South Africa. I am proud to be part of this nation! I have worked abroad whilst back-packing for a year and decided to stay - SA is still the best! May Bafana Bafana surprise us all!

  3. Bafana Bafana what a goal !!!!

  4. Sounds like schoolyard stuff this......mmm grade 8 maybe!

  5. BRAVO BOET! Hear-hear! PLEASE PLEASE put this blog link in your FB comment box for all our 'dearly departed friends living abroad' to see. Unlike you I actually want to let them know that they're pissing me off!