Friday, June 4, 2010

No Hot Work Permit

Yesterday I was walking my son home from school when we heard the first bang. He was obviously curious to what was happening so I told him that I think we are being invaded by the US Navy because our Police General said over television news that he hopes that the USA team falls out in the first round because they couldn't make up their minds whether Mr Obama will be attending any of the USA games or not. Serious security issues as you can imagine. Minutes later we heard another bang, so I told my son I think we are fighting back now. Little did I know that it was the Sely 1 that was going up in flames. Only later when we went to the shop, I saw the smoke coming from that direction, so like any normal inquisitive human being that cannot resist to see what's going on, we headed for the beach only to find the following scene. Let me just point out that these pictures where NOT taken by myself, I did take some with my Mickey Mouse camera, but a friend allowed me to use his for my blog seeing that mine looks like it was taken with the lens covered in soot. The other photo was taken by my wife with her cell phone camera.

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