Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thanks for ATC

I was in Esbjerg when I took this picture of the contrails ("condensation trails") in the sky. Although the picture only shows about 5, there were at least 3 more that I could not get in. Apart from that I saw 3 aircraft in the air with no trails. I was imagining how busy the air over Europe has to be to see all that in one go. When we flew to Amsterdam, I sat at the window and noticed a 474 approaching us from the front. It was heading straight in our direction, but I could see that it was at a different altitude, so I didn't get too alarmed about it. The speed at which it was approaching was incredible seeing that both aircrafts were probably cruising at around 900km/h. When it came close enough I could see that it was a Lufthansa flight, it passed right over our heads and it was quite exhilarating stuff to see. Our our flightpath from Bullin to Schipol was not in a very straight line either. We were dodging not only heavy cloud cells, but for sure some other aircraft as well. With all this air traffic it is such a comforting thought knowing that their are air traffic controllers (ATC) at work...and hopefully not sleeping on their shifts!

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