Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish you were here

A lot of my friends from overseas ask me which time of the year is the best time to visit Cape Town. I always say anytime is a good time. The weather in Cape Town is predominantly dry and windy in summers and cold and wet in winter. But I guess as the climate is changing so is Cape Town's weather and you can expect anything at any time of the year. Last year the wind hardly ever blew strong enough to do a decent bit of kite surfing, and had someone landed on Cape Town International yesterday they would never have believed that it was in fact winter in Cape Town.

Yesterday after work I took a ride to the beach to go have a look at the waves. Not that I really expected to find any, but the weather was just awesome and I thought of having an ice cream before I went home. When I got there I just knew that such beautiful day could not be wasted, so I called my wife and told her that we are having picnic at the beach. All she had to do was get home from work, fetch our son from school and get something to eat. Needless to say, by the time we eventually arrived at the beach, the sun was about to go down. I guess this is the only sign of winter that will never change, the setting time of the sun. In summer you can stay on the beach until 9pm before it gets dark, but in winter after 6.30 you have used up the last bit the sun has to offer. I yet again tried to take some pictures, but this time I didn't delete it. BTW, I'm looking at getting a better camera.

The water was flat, there was one surfer trying to catch a wave or two that came through with the sets. He managed to stand up, and I always say, catching that one wave is much better than sitting on the beach catching nothing, so I wish to believe that he was appreciating those small waves on my behalf too. The Seli 1 looked like it was glued into the ocean floor. On board you could see people cutting the ship up into pieces. I guess by next year this time it will not be there anymore. After the sun went down the clouds turned into this beautiful orange glow (or "mango" as my son calls it). It was such an awesome day yesterday, and according to the weather forecast, we are in for yet another awesome day today. Wish you were here.

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  1. The Sely looks great alongside that little hill in the background,

    Wish I was there !!