Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not broken, just broke

It is amazing the words of encouragement I am getting from everyone around me after my accident. (I prefer to call it a mishap as "accident" sounds too severe). It really lifts my spirit and is very much appreciated. It's also interesting to see who sympathizes with my mishap and who doesn't, but what interests me the most however, is what people think was the worse for me to deal with...

Yes, it's friggen sore to sit with a bruise the size of a decent Calitzdorp watermelon on your right thigh, or to hop along on one foot because the other one has torn ligaments. But if you think of it, there was no blood and no broken bones. Because of that I really don't mind sitting here popping a DICLOFLAM® every now and then for pain. If you compare the damage to my bike to the damage to my body, then only the bike can really claim to have been in an accident. I managed to do a proper skydive roll when I hit the ground (or this is how I colour it in to make it sounds cool), but the bike gear and the landing on sand rather than concrete was really what saved me from landing up in the ICU. A couple of years ago when I landed up in a Cameroon Hospital with an unknown bug that had me wishing for an early death, that was when I needed encouraging words for the pain I was suffering.

The injuries I have sustained in this accident is nothing compared to what my brother-in-law had when he was bumped off from his motorbike by a front loader on his way to the Kruger last year. Besides, the doctor also gave me 5 VALIUM® tablets to experiment with when "the body goes into spasm or when the sleep doesn't want to come". So, thanks for all the best wishes on injuries, I have it under control and I am doing fine.


"You must be so disappointed that you could not finish the tour?" In 1984 I broke my arm while playing an important rugby game and I couldn't finish the game. Was I disappointed? No. In 1994 I ended my PhD half-way to get married and to do something else and never completed it. Was I disappointed? No, not at all. In 2011 I couldn't see the Vic Falls because I had a bike accident on my way there. Am I disappointed? Why would I be? Ever since I've been back from Windhoek I've had a lot of thoughts and things going through my head about this tour and the accident, but somehow disappointment has not really shown its face yet. The only things in life that I am disappointed about is not learning to fly an aircraft, not learning to play the piano, and not learning a third language like French.  If I get a sponsor and really put my mind to it I am sure I can still do all these three before I die, but no, I will keep flying my paraglider, play my guitar and keep replying with "Je suis désolé, je ne comprend pas". I guess the closest I came to disappointment was the fact that I couln't control my bike when I hit the sand and that after I paid big bucks for a sandriding course.

I left what's left of my bike in Windhoek. The BMW dealer suggested we ship it back to Cape Town because they will forever take to get all the parts they need to get it back on the road again, and with the assessors and insurance people involved it would be easier to get it done in Cape Town. When I left I knew the bike could start up, so it had a heartbeat, but what the actualy damage is I cannot say yet. I took a few pictures of the more obvious damage but was unpleasantly surprized when the mechanic pointed out a few issues which I didn't even see as "damaged parts". I have a strong feeling as I am lying here in bed waiting for the BAD NEWS that my bike might finally be written off. Is that good or bad?

If I need words of encouragement, then this is what I need it for. No, actually what I need is a sponsor. Yes, let me be honest, my injuries and my disappointment pales in comparison with the financial impact this little "mishap" is going to have on me. When I bought the bike I knew there were dangers involved. Like most people I also thought that it would never happen to me, or at least hope that it never happens. What one does not think about then is the financial impact this could have on you when it does happen. But, like my wife always says..."this too will pass". Oh man, how I wish that day would come soon.

Thanks for all your words of encouragement. I have received best wishes from so many people. It really lifts one's spirit when you know that people really care. Just so that you know, I am doing fine. My head is fine, my spirit is fine and everything else is fine. I am definitely more BROKE than BROKEN at this stage. I can send you my banking details if you want to make your best wishes more tangible, but for the moment all I can do is wait for the the BAD NEWS and in the meantime get on with life. When that final invoice arrives at my door, THEN I will make good use of those 5 VALIUM® tablets....


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  1. "Broke" is never good but much better than "broken" in your case. Glad to hear you are doing ok as this could've been far worse. You have a guardian angel.