Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakfast Review - Zandbar Restaurant-Lounge

There is a new restaurant in town situated on the second floor right above News Cafe at Marine Circle in Blouberg. Even though my wife received an sms about the breakfast special, it was not the reason why we ended up there this morning. While on our way to have breakfast at Eden on the Bay, we remembered that at 8 in the morning all restaurants at Eden on the Bay would still be closed, so we stopped at the first place where we saw people sitting. It was on our way to News Cafe that we saw the Zandbar Restaurant-Lounge with a breakfast special of only R19.95, so we opted for that.
 It was clear that the place was just opening, it was probably a minute before 8 when we walked in. The waiters were still arranging the furniture and we were probably the second or so customers hoping to order a nice breakfast for a cheap price. I immediately made my way to the balcony, because from there it has a spectacular view of Table Mountain. It is just a pity that there are 7 or so lamp post standing right in the way. I suggested to the waiter that they have them removed. I doubt whether that would happen. Looking down was right on top of News Cafe's customers, and I have to admit their breakfasts from were I was sitting didn't look bad either.

We initially had our doubts about Zanbar when we ordered our breakfast and the waiter ran away before we could tell him how we would like to have our eggs done and which bread we wanted. My wife, as usual, went through the menu first and decided that she is not as stingy as I am and went for the Classic French Toast for R33, complete with deep fried banana and blueberries. My son's "fresh" apple juice was fizzing like Appletizer and when she told the waiter that the juice is fermenting, he looked at her as if she was from a different planet. He did eventually give a new glass and it did taste better than the first. This was more or less where the "bad" experience ended, from there on everything went quit fine.

Both breakfasts look really good and well presented. I noticed that the breakfast which was on a special wasn't listed on the menu, so I couldn't see what it would normally cost. For nineteen bucks I think it was a bargain, seeing that the coffee was bottomless too. When the special ends I don't know, so better go now before the special is over and you missed out.

It seems like the restaurant is more set up for cocktails and afternoon summer parties, with a white coloured cocktail bar that speaks for itself. The view is excellent and the food wasn't bad at all. So, while the special is still on, do yourself as favour and go check out the place, it was really worth the visit. When we drove past it this aternoon the place was packed.

Update Review - 11/9/2012

I decided this morning to pop in again at the Zandbar restaurant for a quick breakfast. The interior looks the same as well as the view, but there was definitely a warmer atmosphere than the first time. One could see that after a few months the staff for one was already more experienced and that there are more regulars than the first time.  That I guess should be obvious, but I was really impressed with their "cheapie" breakfast at R24.95. I did not take pictures this time as I wasn't there to "review" them, but the presentation of the food was quite remarkable and I honestly believe that I got value for my money. I am pretty sure that this will be my Summer '12/'13 spot for a quick breakfast in the morning before work or after that early morning surf session.

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  1. I take my family and friends there every Sunday. Very nice, neat and clean. Breakfasts are exceptional value and the views are magical. Congrats to the Zandbar owners and staff for always looking after us. I wish you guys all the best and keep it up!