Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your Country is...." "

This morning I was looking for a way to put an umlaut (the two dots above a letter) on the "u" so that I could spell "reünie" ("reunion" in Afrikaans) correctly in my Facebook comment (this was all done before work, I promise). I started my search with "How to" and before I could type the next word, Google as always popped up a few suggestions of searches that are frequently done by users. I had to laugh when I saw that contrary to what I believed comes natural to every human being, some people still don't know how to kiss, make love, have sex, get pregnant or gain weight. I was however relieved to see that some people do some sensible searching as to write a CV or a business plan. And then there was the age old question of how to lose weight fast. As far as I know that one does not really have an answer....

Anyway, after seeing that I decided to do a search on South Africa. I have to admit I was expecting results from both sides of the spectrum...and I was not disappointed. South Africans range from complete optimists to complete pessimists. Everyone has his or her own opinion on what's going on in this country, so you can imagine to find positive and negative searches. I am not going to go into detail about the results, it would just be another opinion and open up another debate, but I am glad to see that some people do at least think that South Africa is a developing as well as a developed country. I am also glad to see that people think we are ready for the World Cup. I am more worried if the "World Cup" is ready for us.

After my search on South Africa, I was wondering what people think about other countries, so my next one was the UK. From the results it seems there are no positive things to say about the UK. Personally I was not really surprized. Even Australia did not make the cut as the nicest country. Some interesting results came up there. It seems the only place where people are happy is in France. So check out your country, you might be surpized what you see....

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