Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Peace Island", you must be kidding me

I have stopped giving opinions on my blog, but after someone indicated on my poll (see upper right on home page) that he/she does appreciate my opinions on life issues as well, I decided to give my opinion on something that I saw in the local newspaper this morning. Actually, I was so flabbergasted by what I have seen, that I would've given my opinion in any case. Some bright spark and his wife are thinking of building an island (like you find in some other parts in the world like Dubai) in between Robben Island and Dolphin Beach. If we weren't near the end of September I would've thought that this was just another April Fool's joke. When I looked on the Internet and saw that they actually had a web site promoting this, I realized that this might just be for real after all.

So many questions pop up immediately like why would anyone want to build an island that is going to cost billions to house only the filthy rich, when South Africa could've used that money to uplift our poor communities and improve our already dilapidated infrastructure? Well, obviously someone is going to benefit from this, but I am sure it is not going to be the "bergie" that knocked on my door this morning looking for food or the 500 others that are scratching through my rubbish bin every Thursday morning looking for scrap to sell or leftovers to feed their families with. But no, wait. On the web site they say that they will dedicate 10% of the island to housing projects for the poor. It should be the other way around, because in South Africa 90% of the population is poor and only 10% might be able to consider buying property on this exclusive "island for the wealthy". Or is this for wealthy foreigners that haven't had their hands yet on the unaffordable-to-South Africans property in Camps Bay or Landudno? And what about the environment, or is greed devouring all common sense again when they see dollor signs flashing?

So if you are one of the fortunate who has coastal property which is situated on the edge of the water and think that no-one can steal your view anymore, don't be so poised. The rich just go and build an island in front of you. Sorry. I guess I can go on forever giving reasons why I think this is the most absurd thing I have ever heard, and I am sure that many more will give their opinions on this in time to come. I am for sure not the only one who was a bit shocked this morning...and obviously not the only one who had a thought about this being an April Fool's joke. And why call it "Peace Island"? There is not much peace going around in this country at the moment and building an island where only a small portion is favoured above the rest is not a good recipe for peace either. Does anyone really believe that an island where the richest of the rich live together with the poorest of the poor is going to promote peace? Or is this to give the inhabitants of the island a true South African feeling where you have to fence off everything because you have no idea who would be climbing through your window at night? Why don't we give this island to the brothers who can live in harmony with nature and with their fellow brothers. People who have already found that inner peace that everyone is searching for in the wrong places. Not the rich or the poor, just the dudes who appreciate life and appreciate fellow human beings. Then for sure we can call it "Peace Island".

But then again looking on the positive side of this whole island idea. If this island can increase the sea water temperature along the Atlantic coast with 5 degrees or more or even slightly improve the size and consistency of the waves in this area then I might even support the whole idea myself. And with 10% housing allocated to the poor, I might even be able to get some property there myself. What a joke!!

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  1. I’m sorry to inform you, but the 10% housing allocated to the poor is probably only dedicated to the cleaning staff of the stupid rich people. Sorry Manie….don’t think you qualify, unless you’ve taken up gardening? lol