Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A macro step for me

I think the first step any child gives is probably the most momentous moment for any parent. I cannot imagine that Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon could've bring so much excitement than what my child's first step brough me. Like many things in life, we all need to make firsts steps, whether it is literally or figuratively. Last night I made my first step into macro photography. Now I know that anyone who knows the difference between "macro" and "close-up" will pull his face at my photos, but this was my first taste of macro photography and I am intrigued. This will definitely be something that I will explore and maybe focus on as a "wannabe photographer".

I have been looking at the possibilities of macro photography for a while now, but like any beginner I was sceptic at what it might costs me and if I would actually like to do it. Taking pictures of every day subjects doesn't give me that much satisfaction. At least not compared to the satisfaction I got last night when I took pictures of ants on my floor. I also don't have any macro "tools", but I read that if you connect your lens the wrong way around, then you can already get the feeling of macro photography. I didn't have a connection ring, so all I did was to hold the lens with one hand in front of the camera and while lying on my stomach on the floor I tried to get the best possible shot of a couple of ants snacking away on a piece of cheese. (BTW honey, the kitchen floor looks terrible...).

Ok, this was obvioulsy NOT the best lighting and best way to use my camera, but the results were more than enough to have me hooked. I think that a proper micro lens is what I need. I still want to look that ant straight in the eye and take a picture of his face... If you guys have any suggestions on a good beginners macro lens, please let me know....

This was just a petal of a flower.

My point-and-shoot camera was lying on the table. This was actually the first shot I took with the lens turned around. The result was what triggered me to try more shots

If I don't tell you what this is, then you wouldn't know. I bought some wooden birds in Tanzania. This is just the white paint spots on one of the birds

It was rather difficult to get the shots of the ants. The light was completey from the wrong direction, but I didn't want to disturb then from their evening meal. Here I realized how shallow the depth of field was with this "macro method". Also my finger (or the lens) was in the way of the flash.

Another shot of the ants. Just wanted to see if black and white wouldn't look more "dramatic".

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  1. Goeie poging. Dis moeiliker om 'n mier af te neem as om 'n leeu met 'n lang lens te skiet.