Thursday, May 27, 2010

Copyright Infringement

I was having a look at the FIFA rankings site after I've heard on the News that South Africa has moved up the ladder from 90th to 83rd position after their tie with Bulgaria. Not much of an effort required to move up 7 spots, considering that the match was a 50/50 game of luck. Strangely enough Bulgaria is still on 39, shouldn't they move a couple of spots down then?  I never knew how these rankings were working in any case, but I have something else that caught my eye while I was browsing around on FIFA's web site. I came across a picture that was taken from Bloubergstrand with a soccer ball and a South African flag. Knowing how full of shit FIFA is when it comes to using their logo's and all the warnings lately to many businesses on infringements of their copyrights I couldn't help but notice that this picture looks very similar to one that I took many years ago on that same beach. Could it be that they saw my picture and used my idea to create the one that is currently on their site? It makes me wonder, what changes do I have to take them on and blaming them of stealing an idea from me? Will I have a good case against them, or can I at least get two tickets out of them for the World Cup Final? If not, maybe I will just get my name mentioned somewhere in a very small article in a newspaper somewhere saying "The guy who took on FIFA and ended up paying them because he posted a picture from their web site on his blog".

Anyway, tonight Bafana Bafana is playing Colombia. They are currently ranked at 35. I am really looking forward to see what the rankings are going to be is Bafana Bafana beats them, or even if we do the tie thing again. Knowing now that soccer is basically a game of luck, all I can do then is to wish them GOOD LUCK.

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