Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friend makes me see the light

It is good to have friends. I've been wanting to put this orange light on my GS to make myself more visible in traffic, like many other bikers do nowadays. I went to shop this morning to look for these light covers. I will not mention the name of this shop, but they wanted to charge me R380 for a set. One for the small light and one for the big light. I only wanted the small one, but you obvioulsy have to take both. Now this is where the "good to have friends" come in. A friend of mine suggested that I go and buy a piece of amber perspex, cut it out and somehow connect it to the light cover. He even told me the temperature at which to bend it if I had to make it fit. To make a long story short, for R28 I bought a piece of perspex enough to make two sets, and with some clever thinking and finding spare screws I managed to make a amber light cover that looks like it was bought from the shelve. To my friend who knows who he is, thanks mate, you not only saved me R352 today, but you gave me an opportunity to be creative and hopefully saved my life in the process as well... I am sure I will be much more visible to other motorists.


  1. Impressive - and you can work a hacksaw as well☺ This leaves the dims for night riding, and motorist the option whether they want to see your amber or white light. One way or the other - they w-i-l-l now see you! They will now also know for sure that it is a motorcycle approaching, and not a "one-eyed" car, and stop to try warning you that your lights aren't working.

  2. Hahaha. Wrong about the hacksaw. During my first attempt the perspex broke, so I used another technique...a grinder with sanding paper. I used the same technique to shape the wooden holds for my son's climbing wall. It sands away the perspex like hot butter...with no effort whatsoever.

    Yeah, I've tried my new light yesterday in traffic. People definitly open up the gap much quicker when they see this orange light in their rear view mirrors.