Monday, September 12, 2011

Overstayed welcome

For days now I have been watching a rather intimidating guest in my house doing his Spiderman act from one wall to the other in my TV room. I don't particularly have problems with spiders, I believe like most snakes as well they are generally harmless and won't attack if they are not threatened. This huge spider...and believe me in spider terms this one is HUGE, has been hanging around helping me to get rid of some unwanted insects around the house. At night watching TV I made sure I knew where he (or she) was, just to plan my escape route should it lose grip and fall on top of me. With family over this weekend I informed them about the spider and that it has to be respected as any other visitor to my house. Much to the dislike of my mother of course, but she herself was a guest and didn't have much say in the matter.

This morning I saw the spider again on the wall and decided to take a picture of my new acquainted friend. Another friend of mine who knows a bit more about spiders confirmed that this spider which goes by the name of the Huntsman Spider or Rain Spider is not venomous, but when she told me they are usually found in pairs I got a bit worried. For one I would not like for them to reproduce under my roof, and secondly I have only seen one at a time. Was it the same one whose moves I have been carefully watching or was it only one of the possible two? The thought of releasing it back into the wild started to look more appealing, but I've heard that people actually keep them as house pets, so I decided against it. It was only after I looked at the pictures I have taken on my computer screen that I decided to get a bucket and to courier it personally to the nearest...or furthermost bush in the garden. Creepy is not the word. I have seen many of them in my garden before and I am sure this one belongs there too...

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