Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crash Boom Bang!

I cannot take credit for these pictures because apparently you need some professional qualifications and a rather expensiveness "camera" to take these. I also cannot say that what you see here belongs to me, or let me rather say I am happy to say that what you see here does NOT belong to me. These are the X-rays of a friend of mine who has had a very bad landing with her paraglider. I'm not qualified as a doctor either but I can see that something there looks rather crushed. I am also not a mechanic or carpenter but there were some fancy repairs done with those screws. Hope they are stainless steel. What I CAN say is that she is recovering well and that I am really happy that she is still alive and kicking....kicking herself for grounding herself for a few months, but alive nevertheless....

Blue skies Michelle...!

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