Monday, January 14, 2013

Go check it out....

If you ever happen to find yourself in Plett (Plettenberg Bay) again and you just want to get away from it all then head down Piesang Valley Road and go find yourself a spot to relax and to fill your stomach at the same time. I've been to Plett a few times, but funny enough I've never stayed over until recently when I joined a couple of varsity friends for a little reunion. I discovered a new playground, but yet again I didn't have any of my toys with me, so with my family and friends we headed down to Earth Cafe

Earth Cafe is part of the Global Village and a few kilometres outside Plett on the Piesang Valley Road. I was amazed when I saw the quaint little place in the middle of what could easily be called "the bush" and even though we were just going to have a small breakfast we stayed for a couple of hours just relaxing and forgetting that we need to be back at work on Monday. The place has a fantastic feel to it and you cannot imagine that close by is the bustling holiday town of Plett and a few kilometers north runs the busy N2 highway. Although I only had a small breakfast, it is definitely worthwhile checking out the menu. Food you can eat with your eyes first.  

I spoke to the owner and asked him whether he does not want to create a camping site for bikers, but from the look I got and guess I will need a bit more convincing. I am even prepared to push my bike for the last couple of meters not to disturb the silence. Take your family there and enjoy this gem, you will easily forget that there are things like work and cities in your life as well.


  1. As a kid, I grew up not too far down the valley from there. There was a trading store in that area run by Mr Fox and the stream had a small weir with a nice area for lazing and picnicking and chasing frogs.

    Heavenly, it was. But very different from today, of course.

  2. Arthur, always sad when you see how places change over the years, always losing the tranquillity and making space for businesses and properties. I can just imagine what life you must've had there...