Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

I don't know if Friday the 13th had anything to do with it, but when I got my GoPro ready for my next adventure, it bombed out on me and haven't started since. As a matter of fact I tried each and every advise I could find on the Internet and just as I got my hopes up, it died again.  At the moment it is on its way to Johannesburg while I am on my way to Uganda.

I haven't traveled for a while. The reason being that my job changed and I am not required to do as many travels as I did before. The traveling was getting hectic and the advice to be careful what you wish for was not taken seriously, so after changing positions in an attempt to travel less a serious bout of cabin fever set in after a month or so. When this opportunity came up to go to Uganda I grabbed it with both hands.

What I have learned over the past couple of days is that you probably lose your "frequent traveler" status within 3 months of your last flight. The skill of packing a suitcase in 1 hour, online check-ins, having all your electronic gadgets ready and still have time to kiss your wife and the kids goodbye somehow disappears very quickly. Add to that a GoPro that decided to stop working the afternoon before your travel and you are bound to realize later than you have left something important at home. I managed to get through check-in this morning on my first domestic flight to Johannesburg, so at least I know that my e-ticket and passport is with me. My final destination is Jinja in Uganda, via Entebbe. Passport - check, Forex - check, second-skin - check, sunscreen - check, GoPro........f*cked!

So, I am heading on an adventure down the Victoria Nile and I don't have any means of capturing it. My GoPro is still under warranty, so at least there is some hope of having it fixed (hopefully replaced), but capturing the experience I'll have to do in my memory. The iPhone will not work in Grade 5 rapids, as a matter of fact, my phone is not even charged and will probably not see Jinja before the battery runs out. Friday the 13th is behind me, but I still feel the effects. Hopefully by tomorrow when I splash down that river clinging on for dear life all of this would make sense to me....

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