Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Nile Special - The Grand Finale

Last year September I wrote about my white water rafting experience in Uganda with Nile River Explorers. Despite the fantastic experience I did mention that I was rather disappointed about the photographs that was sold for a astronomical amount compared to the costs of the actual rafting. I decided to send a letter afterwards to Nile River Explorers to explain my dissatisfaction with the new photography selling policy. Mark from NRE Operations got back to me. He was blissfully unaware of this new arrangement and told me he will look into it as the photographer was actually from another company. After I told him that our guide could also have been a stand-up comedian, he knew exactly on which raft I was and said he will get back to me.

That was basically the last I heard from Mark. I just imagine that he either did not follow up or the photographer did not want to sell it for cheaper. 

In December I got an email from Mark:

Hi Justasurferdude, hope you are well.
The photo CD of your rafting trip, that we sent you in September, has been returned to us as “unclaimed”.

The address we used was,....

I nearly fell off my chair. Not only did he reply after 3 months, he actually send the pictures to my signature address on my email. But what was even more amazing was the fact that the CD arrived in South Africa, was send back and reached Uganda again.We are talking about Africa here, this stuff only happens in First World countries. I was absolute amazed, but also very disappointment at the same time. We discussed other postal options and he finally told me that one of their crew members are coming to Cape Town for a week and he will deliver it to me mid-February.

On the 25th of February I send a mail:


I have not heard from Jacques or Celia. I assume they could not find time to deliver?


His reply:

Hi Justasurferdude, oh dear.
(Excuse me while I put my head on the desk and weep!)
Jacques and Celia arrive back in Uganda today, so I will find out what happened.
Sorry about that, but I will get back to you.

That same afternoon I wrote:


Mark, this is absolutely amazing. Yesterday I thought about the photo’s and send the email. They have just arrived at the reception!!!

Please stop weeping, lift your head and feel proud because I now can only add this to a story I tell many times that was already wonderful. You guys are amazing!!

Thanks so much again, I will promote your business and good name wherever I travel. So much appreciated!



Minutes after I received his mail the CD arrived at our reception. It had been posted a week before from Malmesbury a town close to Cape Town. 

It is amazing to know that some people still care. They go the extra mile not because there is anything in it for them, but just because they are good decent people. I think I will delete my "disappointment" part from my first post and change it to "most memorable" part.

Thanks to the guys at Nile River Explores.

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