Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Evolving backwards to better your life

I know we all like to evolve in some way or the other.  Usually making our lives better with new gadgets, new ideas, new challenges.  But what is really making our life better, the better technology or the mere changes in technology?

I have always been an iPhone fan.  My wife is a Samsung believer and although I have commented in the past on the nice quality of her pictures, I never really thought of changing over to a Samsung. That would not be going forward right? I used to take a lot of photos with my iPhone although usually only when I did not have my SLR close by.  A while ago my iPhone 4 was stolen from my vehicle so when I go down to the beach for a walk or a surf I leave my other iPhone at home. I wouldn't want to lead anyone into temptation again.  The iPhone 4 that was stolen was also my music box where I stored all my mp3's.  My iPhone 5S is for use and for images ready to upload on Instagram when needed. The downside of leaving your phone and camera at home is that when the opportunity arises to take nice shots then you don't have it with you.  

I was at the beach for a surf this morning but noticed that the sunrise was awesome.  I wanted to take pictures first thinking that the waves will stay around a little longer but the clouds and colours won't. Of course I did not have my camera equipment with me and there was no time to head home.  All I had was this Samsung Galaxy 3 which I have never used for photography before...or anything else I might add.  My wife handed it down to me so I demoted it to a mp3 player and nothing more.  I actually forgot that I had the option to take pictures with it, but it dawned on me that I actually do have a camera close by....albeit my opinion that is won't stand up to the challenge.  How wrong could anyone be....?

Once I got started taking pictures I was quite amazed at the images on my screen.  What interested me more however was that it felt to me like I have bought myself a new camera.  The thought that it is a "downgrade" from my iPhone 5S never even occurred to me.  I got so involved that I completely forgot about the surfing and wanted to take it to other places to see what I could get. I started wondering why my wife decided to get a new Samsung and realized that she had also stepped into this trap where we believe new technology is "moving forward". Maybe sometimes we just need a change, not a better this or a better that. Just a change from what we are used to. 

Below are two of the images from my Samsung expedition this morning.  If you like to see some more images please check out my Facebook Page and be so kind to like my page while you are there.

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