Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My two minutes of fame...

I never imagined the day when I posted my first IG picture that I would one day be invited to chat on a national television station's morning show about my IG account? But, I had my 2 minutes of fame..which for most part of it was nerve wrecking and felt like an eternity... on Expresso, a live morning show on SABC3.

I cannot say that I have said everything that I wanted to say, but I was only asked three questions if I remember correctly. Further more there were no spin-offs after the show apart from 9 extra followers and an old flame of mine from my primary school days who saw me on TV and made contact via FB. Which makes me wonder why she never did it before. Was it only now because I am famous now?  Hahaha, never take me seriously, but I have to say just being asked to appear was a huge compliment to me.  They did ask me how I use IG as a marketing platform and it made me realize that I don't really do.  There is some homework for me.

You will never get these two minutes back if you do, but feel free to watch my two minutes of fame below...

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  1. Lekker Manie. Ek is trots op jou!☺ Dis alles publisiteit vir jou. Jy doen die regte dinge lyk dit vir my. Ek moet my motorfiets onderdele op instagram sit, en die recruitment site, maar moet ook nog baie navorsing doen daaroor. Sterkte!