Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happiness is...

They say that men don't grow older, it is just the price of their toys that gets bigger. After discussing the fact that our wives don't understand the reason behind spending money on "toys", a friend of mine replied with: "The guy who dies with the most toys WINS!" Period. I love that. Honestly I won't mind leaving this world as the winner then...

I read in the newspaper the other day that a study was done at the San Fransisco State University that claims that money does not bring happiness. Or rather, money does bring happiness, but only if it is spent on experiences rather than possessions. I looked on the Internet and found more information on the topic, but my first reaction when I read it was "No shit, you must be kidding me. They only discovered this now?" I knew this fact long before they even thought of doing research on it and I could've had my doctoral thesis by now had I put my wisdom on paper. Anyway, I see the study extended over a period of 35 years. You want to tell me it took them THAT long to reach this conclusion?

So to get back to my toys and how it ties in with happiness. Since I got my first pay cheque I always said that I am working to DO things, not to HAVE things. The money I earn is also usually spent on experiences rather than stuff. When it is spent on possessions then it is on things that I need in order to be able to have these experiences, like a surfboard to be able to surf, or a bike to be able to travel through Africa. But this is not the same as buying a painting or expensive jewelery. Mine are toys, but the latter is classified as possessions which apparently does not make anyone very happy in the end.

Anyway, to get to the point. I have made another purchase to ensure another unforgettable experience. I think this one will take me past nirvana. I have always had this dream of riding through Africa on a bike. I don't think I will ever get the opportunity to go right through, but I have told a friend of mine that to reach a dream you have to take small steps at a time. I cannot give an exact number on how many steps I have taken towards this dream already - quite a few to be honest - but I am certainly yet another step closer. How many steps remain is also not clear either, but I will never stop dreaming. And I will never stop doing. So let me introduce you to my new toy. The BMW F800GS, built for Africa. Unfortunately I will have to get rid of my old bike in order to pay for this one, so my tally on toys (despite the cost of the new one) will remain the same as well as my ranking on the winner's list. But I am adding onto my experiences, and if we can believe anything on what the study that took 35 years to complete says, then I'm definitely going to be a much happier person from now on. So here's to all the new people I am going to meet, the interesting places I am going to see and the experiences waiting out there. I hope to see you on the road soon....


  1. Congrats on the new aquisition. Not so sure that I agree with your ranking system. The fact that your toys total stays the same does not mean that you have not moved up on the ranking list. From my point of view, you certainly have moved up. The quality of the toy has moved up in leaps bru'


  2. After my first ride I have to agree! Thanks