Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breakfast Review - Klein Joostenberg

I completely forgot about this breakfast that I did last week on our way to Jonkershoek. I've been to Klein Joostenberg many times before, so I guess that already says what I think about the place. It's situated on a pig farm, but also adjacent to a beautiful rose tree nursery. The atmosphere is very good and the people friendly, but yet again if you arrive at the wrong time of the day you might find that all the cyclist from the Stellenbosch area have already occupied all the tables. We were lucky, not only did we get a table without problems, but it was also the one closest to the fire. We needed the extra heat because of the cold weather. The breakfast is good, a bit over-priced if you ask me, but then again, I am a cheap skate who don't see the reason asking people double the price than what other restaurants ask for exactly the same meal.

 Something else that I like about the place is the nice area outside where the kids can play. Unfortunately for my son it was a bit cold and wet at the time of our visit, but on sunny days this is quite a nice place to go and relax with some good food. Even the deli sells the freshest meat and produce, so definitely worth a visit. I will definitely go there again.

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