Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breakfast Review - The Meeting Place

 Our morning started off with very much indecisiveness. I wanted to do something, but taking the bike was too selfish on a day when you have your family with you. Going to the beach was an option, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, but that sounded a bit boring. I was walking up and down thinking of places to go and then suddenly I remembered I still wanted to go back to Cape Point. So, 5 minutes later we we on our way towards Cape of Good Hope. The plan was to have breakfast there, but while going through Fish Hoek we all realized that we are hungry and that we have to stop as soon as possible for a bite. It was already 11 and we did not have any breakfast yet. We drove through to Simons Town and decided there to look for a place to quickly grab something. I pulled over and looked on my GPS to find a place to have breakfast. Strangely enough we were parked right next to the first restaurant that came up on the little screen, so we decided that The Meeting Place was going to be our restaurant of choice.

The Meeting Place is is really a nice quaint little place, with a stunning view over the Simons Town harbour. From were we were sitting we could see some of the navy's ships. I still wonder what use our navy has, but let's not go there right now. I read that our whole navy has less personnel that what the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier which visited South African waters in 2008 has. Anyway, the view was spectacular and the weather too. I decided to order something different for a change, so I went for the French Toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup. This was really nice, but so sweet that I felt guilty for hours after I stuffed the last piece of syrupy bread in my mouth. I bet there was more sugar in that breakfast than what the USS Theodore Roosevelt had in its pantry when it visited South Africa.

As I was eating my breakfast and thinking about what really makes restaurants good or bad and what influences my opinion on what's good or bad, I realized that there are so many factors determining my final opinion that it is really unfair to rate any restaurant. I wonder how food critics do their reviews, because my mood, the weather, my level of hunger, all things that are not part of the actual breakfast sometimes really influence my experience. Sometimes I don't like paying R45 for a breakfast, but some days I will pay that without a blink of the eye. When we sat there this morning on the balcony with the sun shining and with a beautiful view, I couldn't care less what the breakfast was going to cost. Everything was just fine. So I don't really want to be a breakfast critic when my reviews are influenced by my mood and not by how the actual eggs were done. I think my mood mostly determines what my review is going to be like and that is not fair towards the restaurant.

So today I can definitely suggest The Meeting Place in Simons Town. I guess I was in a very good mood today...AND the weather was good too. I couldn't find anything wrong actually. I'll go there again.

Simons Town

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