Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Cape Town Sunset

I am back in Cape Town from my trip to Chad. My son wanted to go camping tonight, but when we reached the "Ou Skip" (Old Ship) camping grounds we were told that we cannot go in after five if we haven't reserved a stand. After we've convinced the lady at the gate to break the rules a little, we changed our minds when she told us it was going to cost R155, plus R50 deposit for the key. We only had R150 on us and I was thinking that spending that much money only to pitch a tent for the night was a bit too steep. On our way home with a very upset little boy in the back, we saw the colour of the sky change in a matter of minutes. I quickly rushed to the beach and grabbed my camera. Yet again not pictures that would win any National Geographic awards, but the little boy completely forgot about the camping that didn't happen and was very keen to enjoy the sunset with his mom and dad. Definitely one of the best sunsets we've had in the past few months.

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