Sunday, June 19, 2011

Breakfast Review - The Pepper Tree

I have been to the restaurant in the small town of Philidelphia before. I also remember writing about this town before. I also know that Philidelphia has a very unique atmosphere for a town that is situated basically just outside of Cape Town. When we entered the little town my son said that he likes it..."because everything looks so old". Well, everything might look "old", but it is really a nice getaway from the city. It is also a popular place for breakfast at the Pepper Tree Restaurant. Some advice...go early, but not before 9 am. The place is usually packed over weekends. Today we arrived just in time to order breakfast, the kitchen closes at 11.20 when they start preparing for lunch.

 It was raining the whole morning and when the sun showed her head we decided to find a place for breakfast. We headed to Philidelphia hoping for the best, because the last three attempts with the grandparents we had to turn around. The first time it was closed, the second time we were way too early and the third time it was full, or something to that effect. Today we were lucky, we arrived just before they wanted to close the kitchen for breakfasts, but we managed to get our stomachs filled. I had the French Toast and my wife scrambled eggs on toasts.

After breakfast we took a stroll through the town. It took us about ten minutes. Here are some pictures. A lovely town with friendly people. If you are into arty stuff, for sure don't drive past.

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