Monday, June 13, 2011

Surfing at Seli's

It's amazing. The day before I was kitesurfing close to the Seli 1 with hardly any waves. The local yacht club actually did a race and used the Seli as a turning point. Today the waves were big enough to have half of the local surfing population in the water, with hardly any safe space for yachts to turn. It is going to be a sad day indeed when they tow away the Seli to her last resting place....whenever this is going to happen. Even Deon Bing the local surf reporter said that this could become the second J-Bay. Can you imagine, the best kiting and surfing spot in one location. We just need something to heat the water.....

The Seli 1 has been lying here for nearly two years and is sinking deeper into the sandy ocean floor. According to a local newspaper it would be away and gone by the end of the year, but that was what they said last year as well. No matter how it obstructs the most famous view in the world, the effect it had on the local waves are amazing. This never used to be a surf spot, and yesterday it was probably the best and only place along the Atlantic coast to have decent ridable waves. Even Derde Steen, Big Bay and Melkbos was not working. If I had a say I would leave it there. Let Mother Nature deside what to do with her.

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  1. Is it not full of coal, why dont you just set it on fire, that will heat the water up !!!