Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Libya to local to "lekker"

One thing I hate about being a tourist is being like a tourist. That’s when you do tourist stuff like asking for directions, staring at stupid birds and animals that the locals don’t even see anymore, or taking pictures of your food. Especially when the flash goes off, everyone in the restaurant looks up and stops chewing and you sit there looking like a dork who had never before seen a common dish like fish and chips.
I have basically turned my Port-Gentil trip into a culinary adventure. I tried different restaurants with food from different countries and even went to a local restaurant where visitors would probably not go unless they are as adventurous as I am or they were invited by locals. Tonight I had what everyone should have when they travel to Gabon....a seafood platter. It would be a sin to travel to West Africa and not have seafood. Where South Africa exports all its seafood, in West Africa the seafood come fresh from the ocean right onto your plate.
The San Lorenzo Restaurant is a bit more upmarket than the one where I had my Boullin Capitain earlier today. It seems to be place where the Expats hang out. Mostly from France. The service was good and the food was good. I was still a bit stuffed from my lunch, but I started off my evening with Avocado Crevette, my all time favourite when traveling to these parts of the world. The avocado pears you find here are huge, and they taste good. The problem with this starter is that you are definitely full once you have finished it, so pushing down more food after that could actually be bad for your health. On the plate for my main course was calamari, prawns, lobster (crayfish), fish and of course chips. All on top of a spicy curry sauce. My camera died on me after I took the first picture, but fortunately I had my cell phone with me. The quality of the picture is unfortunately not the same, but I am sure it is easy to see that seafood in Gabon is worth trying.

My culinary experience over the past few days have gone from Libya to local to "lekker", and if you don't know what "lekker" means, search for it on Urban Dictionary. Maybe I am a tourist after all...

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