Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brazilian Food in Angola

Brazil and Angola share a lot of ties, mainly because of their colonial past. For a start both of them are ex-Portuguese colonies. In the past Angola exported slaves to Brazil, today it is mainly oil. When asked what I wanted to eat, with "Brazilian food" as an option, I went for the "Picanha". If Brazilian food was anything like their women, then I was in for a real treat...or so I thought.

One cannot look a gift horse in the mouth and/or complain about the food your host offers you, but when you freeze for a second or two when you open your take-away food container with "What exactly is that?" on your face then I guess being ignorant is the best excuse you have. So my picanha arrived, and even though I was told beforehand what I had ordered was meat, I had no idea what else to expect with it. The meat was a bit dry and bleak, but it was the brown mushy stuff that had me worried. I didn't want to ask, so I moved it around with my work and accidently dropped some on my shirt. "Stained for life", I thought. Eventually I asked. "It is black beans", I was told, "typical Brazilian food".

I looked on the internet and found a few pictures of black bean dishes. I have to admit, it tasted a lot like the beans we eat at home, it was just a weird colour. I also believe that it could be better prepared, if I go according to the pictures on the Internet. I had a bite or two, but honestly didn't have the stomach to finish all of that. It is always here where I start thinking about people who would give anything for that meal, so I ate a bit more. In the end it wasn't bad at all, but my first experience of Brazilian food was not the best ever. Maybe I should go try it in Brazil next time and not in Angola....

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