Friday, December 23, 2011

Breakfast Review - Delfino's

When you take someone out for a breakfast, I guess one should not complain about the prices of the meals. Fortunately my "date" was quite intriqued with my breakfast reviews and couldn't be phased about my thoughts of the steep prices afterwards. I am in Mossel Bay at the moment, and even though I could probably try 20 new restauarants, I knew that the BigBlu restaurant where I had one of my best breakfasts yet, would be a good place. Unfortunately when we passed there on the bike, the place looked pretty much closed so we went to another popular spot at The Point...Delfino's. I guess Delfino's is one of the most popular spots in Mossel Bay for anything from a quick coffee to a good meal. The restaurant is located at the best location in Mossel Bay, overlooking Inner and Outer Pool, very popular surfing spots. But I am sure the owners of the restaurant knows that, because the prices are a bit wide. You obviously pay for the setting.

The restaurant itself has no problems, although I remember many years ago that we waited hours for our food. Maybe it was under different management then. This time we were served very quickly and we got what we had ordered. Unfortunately it seems that because of the popularity of the restaurant, they want you to leave as soon as possible too. We were actually asked three times if our bill should be prepared. I know they are eager to help the people waiting outside, but can I at least finish chewing my bacon before you bring me the bill?

My partner ordered fruit salad and yoghurt which was R38. She said it was good, but did say that they could've put a better variety of fruit in, and that it tasted like it came from a can. At that price I would expect it to be picked fresh from a tree each morning.  My bacon and eggs (Innerpool) at R48 was a bit steep. It tasted fine, but I have no idea why they put Aromat on my chips. I hate that taste and would rather just put my own salt on.

The setting of the restaurant is perfect. The view and location right on the beach is probably the only reason why I would go back there, but I don't see why I should be charged for that. I can sit on the beach and get the same effect. I was however informed that they have very nice pizzas, so I think I will check it out some time.

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