Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breakfast Review - Cocomo

It is sad when you have more breakfast reviews during your holiday than exciting adventurous stuff, but it seems like my luck has run out where the weather is concerned. I was actually on my way for another Wilderness paragliding session when I stopped at the Cocomo Restaurant for breakfast. Not that I really needed food, I have been stuffing my face since I arrived in Mossel Bay and promised myself the day before (Xmas Day), that I will NOT eat anymore until New Year. But, when you are hungry I guess your stomach doesn't want to hear that.

The Cocomo Restaurant is actually a cocktail bar and not a restaurant. Breakfasts are therefor not their speciality, but when my wife ran in and came back with the news that kiddies have their own menu and do not have to pay R55 for the "Breakfast Buffet" which was advertised outside, we decided to give it a try. At my age I am not particularly fond of buffet meals, because I don't eat that much anymore. When I compared that to what a breakfast cost me at Delfino's a couple of days earlier, I thought it was a bargain.

I was a bit disappointment when I saw the "buffet". It didn't look much different than the breakfast I usually get from some of the less-fancy hotels that I have stayed in on my trips to Africa. The only difference was that it was "eat-as-much-as-you-like", but unfortunately for me I was not going to overdo it again. I had cereal, yogurt and muesli and some fruit before I dished up the part which I usually call "breakfast"...bacon and eggs. My son had a breakfast called the "R10 Brekkie" which consisted of one egg, some bacon and a slice of toast. All for ten rand of course, and probably what I should've had instead of stuffing myself even further. Even though I was hungry I was not really starved, so I think I wasted my money on what looked like a bargain. If you are really, then o for it.

I have to admit that even though the buffet did not look that impressive, the food really tasted good. More like the bacon and eggs I make for myself at home. If I was really hungry I am sure this would be a very good place to have a breakfast, and seeing that it is on the way to the launch site at Wilderness, not a bad place to stop and hook up with fellow pilots before the day's flying start. After a day's flying one can always come in for a cocktail afterwards. The rest of my day unfortunately did not go as planned. The wind never changed direction and the launch site was covered in fog. We eventually turned around with a full stomach and nothing else to rave about. But, I am glad I visited the place. Definitely worth wile to check out of you want a breakfast and you are really hungry....or go for the "R10 Brekkie", definitely a bargain. Maybe you can have two....

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