Monday, July 30, 2012

Smile. Say jaws!

If you take into consideration that the sea was rough and bopping us around, that the camera was an underwater disposable point-and-shoot with a manual reload mechanism and film, that the visibility could've been slightly better on the day, that one cannot use the view finder while you are wearing a diving mask and that sharks don't stand still to have pictures of them taken, then I guess these ones came out pretty well. 

While I was in the cage, I tried to capture at least one decent picture, but it was really hard. Apart from all the things mentioned above, the little arm band on my camera was also lost when a friend of mine opened the packet. This meant I had to, among all the issues above, cling onto my camera so it wouldn't drop into the deep blue ocean. While taking shots with my arms extended to at least get a pictures of the sharks and not the cage only I also didn't want to stick my arm out too far where the camera with the hand could be lost due to the interest of a curious shark. I didn't have much hope for the end result, but what I got was much more than what I bargained for. Besides, this was a shark cage diving trip, not a photography trip....

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