Friday, July 20, 2012

How Cool Is That..?

I cannot help but compare travelling in Africa with the rest of the world. When I tell people who has never been to Africa some of my stories, I can see that they sometimes find it hard to believe. When I travel in other parts of the world, then I sometimes understand why they would not want to believe me. Take the carousal for example. When you land in Luanda getting your luggage on the carousal is a story to tell in itself.  

Despite the recent upgrade on the airport, luggage retrieval is not a smooth process. They have a carousal that is somehow still too short to take all the luggage. What always amazes me is the fact that some pieces would go round and round and round and no-one collects them. I can only guess that the owner got stuck at Immigration with visa issues. The luggage handlers on the outside just keep throwing the suitcases on the belt and pretty soon you either have someone on this side throwing the suitcases on the floor, or you have suitcases on top of each other getting tangled up and you have a carousal that needs to be stopped to un-jam the situation. Now look at this cool video. At Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris I noticed when I walked in that all the the suitcases are neatly spaced on the carousal. "Wow, someone taking pride in his work", I thought, but when I saw what was going on I was yet again impressed with technology and the light years Africa is still behind the rest of the world....

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