Sunday, July 22, 2012

Strike a pose

After a few days in Prague I was getting tired of taking pictures of old buildings. Drinking beer also reached a limit so I decided to take pictures of people taking pictures. It actually started while I was sitting at a square looking at all the tourist and occasionally developing a smile on my face due to the strange behaviours of tourists when it comes to pinning down that memory they are probably going to bore their friends with or never going to look at again. 

What is funny though is that from all the tourists I think the Chinese has the weirdest way of capturing their holidays. They seem to pose in front of each tourist attraction. I just wonder how their conversation goes when they get home. "Here I am standing in front of the George Bridge. Here I am standing in front of Karlstejn Castle. Here I am standing in front of....". Somehow they seem to make sure they are on each picture that is taken.

Then of course there are the poses. Usually they just stand still, like a toy soldier, but sometimes they might sit down, bend down, or what they like to do is show the peace sign, or victory sign. Why they do that no-one knows. I know pictures mean a lot to tourists, but I am sure there are better ways of remembering your holiday than a picture with you standing in each one.

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