Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sh*t, Shower and Shave

I know for some people the thing they dread most doing is using strange toilet and bathroom facilities. To some extent I feel the same, but at least I have seen some weird places in my life and men are usually not that finicky about stuff like that. My wife for instance doesn't shower anywhere except in her own house without flip-flops.

In my travels in Africa I also have seen some really sh*tty places (excuse the pun), but somehow I am still surviving them. I am staying in a leased company staff house in Mtwara and although they really have tried to upgrade the place bit, they couldn't do much about the way the bathrooms were designed. They have more what I would call a toilet with a built-in shower than a bathroom. It feel kind of weird to shower in the toilet, but at least you can save time taking a sh*t, shower and shave at the same time. Just make sure you remove the toilet paper first....

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