Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Black Box

A friend of mine send me this picture to show me where my topbox was lying after I "bought some land" in Namibia just over a year ago. I look rather fine there trying to call whoever I could get hold of in the middle of nowhere, but the pain was really bad. It was actually that night that I thought I was going to die after I passed out in the shower. The topbox itself also probably did not know what had hit him. I was rather surprised though that my SLR camera walked off with no injuries. It was in my topbox at the time. Maybe I should call it the "black box" seeing that the contents survived but the carrier didn't. My bike was sadly written off  a few weeks later.

So that is the spot where my trip to the Victoria Falls ended....

Photo: Roodt 

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  1. All's well that ends well...
    It was an honor riding with you.