Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Blue Train at Mouille Point

"Old Lady" ready for her next trip
I had quite a hectic Saturday. Two kiddies parties one after the other finished off with a surprize 40th at Kirstenbosch Gardens. I thought this would've been an excellent opportunity to show more places around Cape Town and taking some pictures. It started of well with the first kiddy party that was at the famous Blue Train play park next to the Mouille Point lighthouse. Here I had plenty of time to take some pictures of the train which has been around for more than 50 years already. I guess this is the closest I would ever come to the even more famous luxurious Blue Train that runs between Cape Town and Pretoria. This train has been named one of the most luxurious trains in the world, and might explain why I would never be able to afford a trip to Pretoria. So let's rather get back to the other more affordable Blue Train at Mouille Point.

If I had a blog 5 years ago I probably would never have written about kiddies play parks. But I guess once you have little creatures of love your interests soon change, willingly or not. So I was taking my son to the Blue Train for his friend's birthday party. I think the biggest worry for the day was the weather. Rain was predicted, but knowing the success rate of our weather forecasters there was no need to can the day and not even try. Besides, how do you tell a nearly 4-year old that you think you should not attempt because it might rain and in the process disappoint his friend who is expecting him for his birthday?

Lions Head in the background
If the real Blue Train can boast about its luxury, then I guess the little blue train can just boast about its name. One has to remember that this train is 50 years old and at some point stopped providing rides because no-one had the funds to keep it on the track. I guess the idea is also not to have a luxurious ride, this is for the kids and believe me luxury is not the first thing that comes to mind when they get in. Nearly all the kids just want the train to go fast! Priority number one. Speed. Unfortunately the train was not designed for speed, and when one hears the noise it makes then one would prefer for your child to be traveling in a slow, very slow train. Ear plugs are not a requirement, but it would surely help. I didn't measure the time it takes to do one round, but for me as a parent doing three rounds for your 8 bucks was long enough. Kids on the other hand will empty your wallet and have no problem with the noise or safety record. The view on the other hand is awesome. The train passes a section of the Mouille Point promenade three times and there is even a small tunnel, which I guess is used as a shed for the train to sleep in at night.

Apart from the train which is probably the main attraction of this little playpark, they also have a small climbing wall, a jumping castle, a little racing track for small bikes and a rather dilapidated jungle gym. I believe they are going to construct a half pipe for skateboarders and I surely hope that adults will be allowed to take their kids on this too. I would gladly pay 8 Rands for a go on the half pipe.

Bikers on a collision course
All in all I was rather impressed by this little play park. Mouile Point is a beautiful area of Cape Town with lots more stuff to do even for adults who don't have the responsibility of entertaining little kids. Once they have that half pipe erected I will for sure spend more time in that area. I didn't write anything about the birthday party, but judging from the smile on my son's face after he received a balloon sword from the hired magician, the amount of cake he had devoured and the time it took him to fall asleep on our way to the next party, it definitely was a huge success.

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