Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photography vs kite surfing

My mobile phone attempt

Kitesurfers having fun

I was on my way to get something to eat when I saw that for a change Table Mountain was visible under the clouds again, with a very bright and clear sky. I immediately turned around to fetch my camera, thinking that I might get a good couple of shots for my new photo blog. When I got to the beach, I found something else that interested me...the kite surfers in the crystal clear blue water. Knowing that conditions like this only happens once in a while, I turned around and went home to get my kite surfing gear, this time leaving my camera at home. When I returned to the beach I couldn't believe my wind. The wind had completely died down. Without a camera I decided to take one picture with my mobile phone hoping I could capture something of the beauty. Needless to say, not very successful. I decided to go back home and fetch my camera again. When I got back to the beach the wind had picked up again with even more kite surfers in the water than the first time. Struggling with this fight inside myself of what to do now, I think kite surfing was the obvious choice for the day, the clouds were already starting to cover the mountain again and the water was getting choppy and losing its perfect blue colour. There will be more perfect days in Cape Town for nice pictures. All I have to show for this day though is a smile on my face after an awesome kite session and a few uninteresting and mediocre pictures...
Table Mountain getting its table cloth on again

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