Monday, November 22, 2010

Budget Breakfast Review - M&B

Ok, I was not going to do this review, but seeing that it is not much different from Wimpy's breakfast, let me add it. So, like most Wimpy breakfasts, this one is also one of those where you know exactly what you are going to get. M&B (actually called Mugg & Bean) has an "OTG breakfast" for R24.90. The "OTG" stands for "On The Go" and was previously called "Breakfast On The Go". I guess "OTG" is more trendier, and I guess if you have not been a M&B regular earlier in your life then you would not have known what it stands for. Well, I have just told you. What I like about this breakfast at M&B is that the bread usually tastes better than at other places, and the coffee is bottomless. But for the rest it is just the same as Wimpy. The location usually always sucks because you usually find M&B restaurants in shopping malls. And I think by now most people know what I think about shopping malls. Although I had this breakfast at the airport, there is a nice M&B at Paddocks overlooking Sunset Beach area. All you see is the road and some traffic, but at least you can sit outside. I cannot give this breakfast more than what I have given The Wimpy breakfast as they both have a 50/50 change should I have to choose. And don't worry about the black cutlery, it is only at the airport where you get blunt plastic knives and forks to eat with. Oh, and unlike the Wimpy, here you can actually ask for a large wooden pepper grinder if you want to act like a yuppie.

Mugg & Bean: 7

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