Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breakfast Review - Melissas

My Saturday morning did not start of well. I was taking my family for breakfast and was hoping to do a place where I have not previously done a breakfast review. We headed off to Phillidelphia to see if we could find a table at The Pepper Tree Restaurant, but when we drove into Phillidelphia at 8 am I could see that no-one in that little town was awake. The Restaurant only opens at 9am. From there we went to Melkbosstrand, but from a previous experience I knew that most of the places there were also still closed. At Eden on The Bay it was the same story, so we eventually decided to go back to our favourite restaurant. As we were turning into the road leading to Carlucci's we noticed that Melissas was open. Well, I have not done a breakfast review for Melissas, so we pulled over and headed straight for the breakfast menu.

I know this will probably upset some people, but I don't really like the "trendy vibe" at Melissas. The food is not bad, and you find very interesting things to buy there, usually handmade or organic, but everything is overly expensive. But we were doing a breakfast and the closest I could get to bacon and eggs was the "Traditional Breakfast" at R48. Now this is what's taking the piss out of me. Just around the corner there is a little coffee shop called Carlucci's, where you get exactly the same breakfast and they ask just over R20 for it. The service is better, the view, well Melissas does not have a view...and the crowd is just nicer. Now why can they serve a breakfast at that price and Melissas ask double the price? Ok, I know the stuff about exclusitivy and whatever, but I don't see the point in eating there where I can get more breakfast for my buck at Carluccis.

I have to agree that the morning atmosphere in Melissas was quite appealing, but you can clearly see the difference in people visiting Melissas compared to Carlucci's. My first introduction to Melissas was some years ago when I was taken to the Melissas in Durbanville. I didn't like the yuppie look everyone had, but I guess that doesn't make a restaurant good or bad. So I cannot really say anything wrong about the place, but next time I would rather go back to the place I like more.

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