Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breakfast Review - Readers Restaurant

I don't really know if I could do a breakfast review on this restaurant. We arrived, a total of 14 people at this restaurant on a Saturday morning and ordered 12 breakfasts. No-one looked on any menu. Coffee was served and when we left we all had to give R50 to cover everything. I guess it covered the tip as well. The reason why I have decided to include this one in my breakfasts reviews was because I might not return there for breakfast, but only for one reason. Despite the fact that the staff was very friendly, I left there still very hungry. The two litte sausages didn't taste that fantastic and I think the scrambledd eggs came from one egg. I asked for a menu to look at their options or at least to figure out which one we've ordered, but the menu which was given to me had no breakfasts on them. When I gave the menu back I was asked if I wanted to order lunch, but we were on our way and despite that, lunch probably would've filled those empty spots in my tummy. But, let's not be too hard on the place. The atmosphere is good, the setting in beautiful Tulbagh amazing and if we arrived one by one and not in one dust cloud, things might've been different I guess. Go check it out, but arrive slowly....

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  1. Dit was min maar in!!!
    Daar is darem nog 'n restaurant om van te kies in die straat. Ons het daar gaan eet op 'n dag en die kos was lekker en genoeg.