Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Budget Breakfast Review - Caveau

I think this place is kept hidden to preserve the exclusive feel it has. I was introduced to it by a friend and decided to go check out their breakfasts. I wasn't expecting anything in the "budget" category but decided that from now on I will not only look for budget breakfasts because breakfasts and restaurants cannot always be criticized because they do not cater for a poor soul like me. Anyway, I was rather surprized to find out that they had a rather cheap option too, but I think the atmosphere of this place would've made of for the lack of a budget option.

Located inside the Heritage Square building on Bree Street, Caveau Wine Bar and Deli is not easily spotted from the street. If you do not accidently find it or have been told by it, you can easily walk past and miss the whole opportunity to enjoy a nice cup or coffee in a very cosy tea garden inbetween other small shops selling wine and jewelery to name only a few. Their breakfast menu is also written on a black board and is carried around after the guest when they indicate that they are going to have breakfast. Basically you can get eggs on toast for R19, and then for R10 extra you can add a few other items, like bacon, mushrooms, gypsy ham or cheese. Obvioulsy R10 per item, which limits you to one or two otherwise you sit with a huge bill. Although I asked for fried eggs, it looked more like they were poached, but they tasted great. I was a bit disappointed about the three toasted slices of french loaf, but I guess eating large quantities of bread with meals is not something everyone else prefers and in a trendy place like this probably not. There are also other breakfast options like the omelets which I tought would've been a good alternative for my bacon and eggs.

This is really a nice quite little restaurant that would be good for a quick coffee and cake as well. Definitely a place to check out when you are somewhere near Bree Street. Oh, and there is parking opposite the road too. Definitely in the line with the previous two reviews, so Caveau gets an 8.
Caveau: 8
CaffeNeo: 8
Porter Estate Produce Market: 8
BigBlu: 10
Farmyard Farmstall: 6
Chaplans: 8
Mugg & Bean: 7
Wimpy: 7
Carlucci's: 9

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