Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eden On The Bay - A Photo Gallery

It's a pity that I never really took any pictures of Big Bay before it had been revamped to become Eden On The Bay. The people that are familiar with the "old" Big Bay would remember that it was rather a sad place to visit. There was a small cafe that didn't sell much, and I think the Traffic Department also had an office there. The grass was always dying and people never really used the place during the week. On weekends however everyone tried to have a braai with the loudest music and the place looked like as disposal site after everyone had left. Then some developers took over and there were rumours that Big Bay would be be closed for the public because only the rich who can afford apartments there would be allowed on the beach. But that was only half of the truth. Yes, only the rich can afford apartments there, but the general public also has access to the beach and to a much nicer shopping experience than what the little cafe could ever provide. And even the Traffic Department still has office there, but on the other side of the parking so that there blue marked cars don't spoil the fun of the sun-seekers. The complex now have a couple of restaurants and some shops, the life-saving club also has a huge club house and storage place for all their equipment and the place has really turned into a trendy hang-out for surfers and tourists alike.

So, instead of my usually Friday evening braai, we decided to take the in-laws for a dinner at one of the restaurants. Most of the restaurants were already packed when we got there, but fortunately we found a table at The Karoo restaurant. While my wife was ordering my food, I took my son out to play on the grass and captured a few shots that will hopefully give and indication of what the place looks like now, and the vibe that it has. Do yourself a favour and go visit the place before the winter returns....

The Karoo restaurant. A definite must when you go there. And then there are other places you also have to try of course

"As South African as it gets" See what South Africans eat. Usually it includes meat and more meat.

Some guys playing "touchies", or touch-rugby. 

The place was a buzz, and the sun only sets after 8.

Even the kites surfers were taking as much out of the day as they could. Some guys were still kiting long after 8.

My "Combo" choice, chicken and ribs. Fortunately in South Africa it is not embarrasing to ask for a "doggy-bag" and to take the left-overs home. Tonight I am having the rest.

I have to practice my black-and -white shots as well.

The path to the beach. OK, I won't win the prize for the best black-and-white picture ever, but I like it


  1. The path to the beach. OK, I won't win the prize for the best black-and-white picture ever, but I like it

    So do I !!

  2. Eden is such a nice place, just a pitty for bad people, specially a manager at Pick n Pay in his 50's sleeping with a 24 year old, and he owns the laundry, what a mess, what a disappointment after all the Manager knows she is in a long term relationship and befriended her boyfriend! Shows you how a "big Christian" can manipulate young girls!