Saturday, January 1, 2011

Exit and entry

What an awesome exit of 2010 and entry to 2011. Since my arrival back from Mossel Bay on Tuesday the wind has been pumping around the peninsula. Even the smaller kites at Kite Beach were too big and had to be folded and packed away. Then yesterday the wind died down slightly and I had one of my best kiting sessions for a long time. Well, three weeks since my last "best session ever",  but this was definitely the best one after that one. Last night it was perfect weather for that new Year's Eve Braai and even though I did not manage to see 12 o' clock, I am sure many people out there were celebrating until dawn.

This morning most Capetonians must've been surprized to be woken up by rain on their roofs and thunder. Yes, thunder is something we hardly ever hear in the Western Cape, but this morning it was raining softly with the occasional thunder roars somewhere in the background. I thought it was going to be a wet New Year's Day. I was hoping of spending the day at the beach, so I had no plan B ready. While my wife made breakfast (the best budget breakfast EVER), I took the camera and took a couple of snaps in the garden. Under an umbrella of course.

 At around noon it stopped raining so we headed down to the beach to see if there were other people around. When I reached the beach I immediately turned around to come and fetch my surfboard. The waves were not big, but the sea was glassy and the waves just mellow and right. The sun was also starting to come out and the water was crystal clear. I could see the bottom of the ocean and at times thought that the water might be clearer than my pool's water at this stage. Mother Nature must've emptied a few bottles of her own Blue52 in the sea last night. I took a couple of waves in water that was colder than the water in my fridge. It was freezing, I guess around 13 degrees Celsius. But starting my new year with a surf session after finishing last year of with a kite session was just what I was hoping for. After the surf session I went to the beach with my family and got sun burnt just for the fun of it. (Yeah, I know about skin cancer and all that stuff).

The weather over the past two days were awesome. If this is an indication of things to come in 2011, I am sure that this is going to be a fun ride year. The best for 2011, may the skies be blue, the waves keep rolling and the sun keep tickling your back like a kinky lover with a pink ostrich feather.

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