Saturday, January 29, 2011

Killing time with Paint Shop Pro

I've had some time on my hands, so I tried something with Paint Shop Pro X. I have seen people do this with their photos when they want to hang it up a wall, and I kinda like it. Paint Shop Pro I guess is not nearly as good as Photoshop, but I still wanted to see if I could find a way of cutting up a picture in three pieces, then put it on a backround with a dropshadow added behind each section. The framing I have done before, but I have to say that PSP don't have many frames to choose from, so I guess this one will have to do. Not my first choice, but one gets the idea. But, I think after a couple of minutes I achieved what I set out to do...


  1. Hey this is good, I have always wanted to buy Lightroom to modify pictures, but never had the time to do either, doesnt matter what you use as long as you are happy with the results, can you change the frame colour, it would be interesting to know.

    keep the editing up and keep posting, great stuff, thanks.

  2. No, unfortunately you can't, but I found a web site explaining how to make your own frames which is cool, but still not good enough if you don't spend some time playing around to see how creative you can get.