Monday, March 28, 2011

Protecting your goods

I read somewhere that if you want to protect your GPS on your bike against rain or dust, a quick solution is to cover it with a condom. I guess if you are not one of those "always-prepared" type of guys that ride around with condoms in your back pocket, it wouldn't really be a "quick" solution, but nevertheless. Knowing that I was going to ride in the dust I was going to give it a try. No rain was expected, but dust for sure. When I took the condom from the packet I wasn't sure if I wanted to roll it over my GPS, not with all that lubrication and smelly stuff all over it. I gave it a mild wash with soap and water to get rid of all that. At least I got rid of the smell. I turned it inside-out after drying it so that the "clean" side would be against the GPS. If you are not used to pulling condoms over large objects then you might find it hard to get it over your GPS without tearing it. Without any hassles I had my GPS covered and was ready for my ride.

I have to admit that after it was put on I could see the benefits of using it, but pretty soon the problems started. It was for sure going to keep water and dust out for a while, but after an hour or so condensation started inside the condom. It was creating moisture inside the condom, instead of keeping the moisture out. So much for wanting to protect it against water. The view through the latex initially was quite good as well and it was still very easy to use the touch screen, so no interference with sensitivity. I guess the biggest mistake I made was to wash off the lubrication because not long after my departure I saw the first hole appear and a hour after that the whole thing looked like it had been ripped to shreds. It needed to stay wet I guess. It totally dried out in the sun and was tearing by itself in a matter of no time. I am sure that there has to be a better way to protect your GPS, otherwise you will need a back pocket stuffed with condoms to last you as long as your ride does. I think the best way to protect your goods simply is to put it away when the ride gets too rough.

Condensation getting in the way of a good ride

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