Monday, March 21, 2011

Seen on Garcia Pass

Looking back over the Garcia Pass towards Riversdale. The cold clouds rolling in from the coast disappear as soon as they reach the top leaving the other side of the mountain with a much drier climate with different vegetation. Once over the mountain you are in the Klein Karoo.

This weekend hosted the annual Baffalo Rally (also knows as "the Buff") in Mossel Bay when thousands of bikers head down to the coast for a weekend of fun on their bikes..and in their tents....and in beer tents. There were a lot of bikes coming up the Ggarcia pass on their way to Route 62. I won't call something with three wheels that cannot be easily manoeuvred between slow moving traffic a motorbike, but this guy and his pillion were having fun and waved vigourously as they drove past.

I don't think it is this one specific but the Protea is South Africa's national flower. That is besides the plastic bags that are scattered all over South African and stuck on fences and trees that are also sometimes referred to as South Africa's "new" national flower. Are national cricket team is also called "The Proteas".

Just past the Garcia Pass when you reach the Klein Karoo and are heading towards Route 62, we came across this old-timer crossing the road. I don't know how old he/she is, but I am sure this tortoise has crossed this road many times before, definitely more than the times I have passed through here. What an amazing creature still able to roam around freely in South Africa and to be able to reach this size.

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