Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breakfast Review - Oona's

I haven't done a breakfast review for a while. Not that I don't do breakfasts anymore, but just because I seem to frequent the same places and don't explore that much anymore. I think that after finding the places I like most, I don't seem to find the need for discovering new places. Last weekend though I was in town on my way to a photography course. My wife suggested a place she had been to previously and we decided to have breakfast there. It wasn't my intention to take picture of the place and to review their breakfast, but I thought seeing that I don't blog that much anymore, I might as well do it.  This morning a friend of mine living in New Zealand was telling me via email that she loves reading my breakfasts reviews, so here it is.....

So finding this place was a bit difficult as there are a lot of construction going on around Wembley Square. Parking outside was a problem, but I was on my bike and ended up on the pavement right in front of the entrance door. My wife in the car parked somewhere else and arrived a couple of minutes after me. The friendly waiter asked me if I would like to have some coffee and pointed out that their "Basic Brunch" at R39 is a very good option because it includes the coffee. What he didn't tell me is that you start with bacon and eggs as the "basic" and everything else you add costs you extra. Oh, I think there was a single slice of white toast included as well. My wife was a bit better off than me because she ordered extra fruit and "pancakes" (to me it looked more like flapjacks). I eventually had to eat one of her toast slices and one egg because I knew that I was going to be starving by 12 am, and that would've been smack bang in the middle of my photography class. The appearance of the food on the plate looked good, except that my bacon looked more like an insult to my ability to distinguish between a "portion" and an "excuse for a portion". I didn't take pictures of my food as it was finished before I thought of taking out my camera. The colourful meal in the picture however is what my wife had ordered and the second one was for my son.

So, will I visit the place again? For the service and atmosphere, yes. For the menu, probably not. I don't like it when I leave a restaurant with an empty stomach or an empty wallet. If I wanted to fill my stomach at Oona's I would've had to empty my wallet. Fortunately my wife paid this time and helped my semi-empty stomach out with her great ability to "share food".

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