Monday, October 3, 2011


I am in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear at the moment. That is somewhere in the Northeastern part of England for those who didn't know. Admittedly I was one of those who didn't know a few months ago, but today I can say that I have seen a fraction of this side of the world at least. So I arrived at the guest house where I will be staying for two weeks with only my room key under a cushion in the foyer to greet me. So different from South Africa where an open unattended door will not only leave you without a key, but without the furniture as well. Last night I slept in this guesthouse with no-one around. I learned this morning that the owner was away, but that I can make myself comfortable in the meantime. Despite the "No Vacancy" sign outside, I seem to be the only one occupying the one of seven rooms. I missed breakfast because I didn't know where to get it, but also in the meantime discovered that I have to go to the guesthouse next door for breakfast. I will make sure I don't miss that tomorrow morning. So I have a place to sleep and a hope for breakfast tomorrow. That means I am sorted for my two weeks in Sunderland.

On the weather side it was great when I arrived yesterday. The sun was shining and everyone was on the beach. I took a stroll, but didn't really take any pictures. This morning however it was overcast and I could see it was going to be a rather rainy day. For the rest of the week the predictions look fair again, but one never knows in the UK. What I now need is some sunshine so that I can take some pictures..

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