Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast Review - Sivatherium Coffee Shop

If you have read my previous post on digging up fossils and you know what a "Sivatherium" is, then you would've probably figured out that this coffee shop has something to do with the West Coast Fossil Park. Yes, before we left for the digging site tour we ordered our breakfasts to have it ready on our return. That was probably the only mistake we've made with our breakfast because when we returned most of the stuff on the plate was already cold. They might have made it just before we left instead of making it just before we returned. But, the friendly service and the best looking Cappuccino ever made up for it.

Seeing that according to the fossils found here there must've been some weird looking bears roaming this part of the continent many years ago, I decided to order the Big Bear Breakfast for R49. What I liked about the breakfast was that it could really fill a hungry bear's stomach.  I also liked the "ouma brood" (Grandma's Bread), which compared to the lightweight spongy stuff you usually get when you order white bread, was actually tasting like real bread. This was food for real men and reminded me a lot of the breakfast you get at the Farm Yard Farmstall....just without the flies and traffic noise. What I did find funny was the spread of herbs, spices and sauces they put out on the table, like they were doubting the final proof of their own cooking. I only made use of the Khoisan Fine Sea Salt, locally "mined" from the sea. I was wondering what would make a person come back here, and it would definitely be the breakfast first and then the fossils close second. I believe they are planning a whole new building closer to the digging sites, and I am sure that they would then upgrade the place and make it even look more appealing to the coffee shop visitors.

I however doubt whether I would soon go back here for breakfast, not because of the breakfast itself, but just because I feel that I've been here, done it and got the T-shirt. I would however suggest that you come and look at the fossils and if you are planning on having breakfast as well order your breakfast on your return from the digging site and not before you leave. Not a bad place, definitely worth a visit.

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