Saturday, December 4, 2010

Budget Breakfast Review - Farmyard Farmstall

I ventured a bit further north this morning hoping to find a good budget breakfast in Melkbosstrand. I arrived in Melkbos just after 8am and realized that every single restaurant was still closed. I guess this little town just north of Bloubergstrand don't have many early birders. It is one thing I cannot understand from many restaurants. Why do they serve breakfast but only open at 9? I usually get up early and I am sure there are other people too who are morning persons that would like to have an early breakfast before they get on with their day. Anyway, with the lack of restaurants to choose from I went to a restaurant just outside Melkbos called the Farmyard Farmstall. Even they were still closed but they open at 8.30 and it was 8.20, so I decided to stick around.

The place has a very farmyard feel to it. There are chickens walking around and with a name like Farmyard Farmstall you can imagine that they would do everything to give a farm atmosphere. There is only one problem with the location - it's right next to the West Coast Road. So, despite their efforts, the noise from vehicles passing actually makes one a bit uncomfortable after a while. The other thing that irritated me a bit was the flies on my food. I guess this is just seasonal and if you want the farmyard feeling I assume that flies goes with the territory.  Anyway, this was not reason never to go back there.

Bran muffin
Kiddies breakfast
They don't have a budget breakfast. The cheapest breakfast is on the Kiddies Menu and at R29-00 for one egg, a slice of toast, bacon and chips, it is much more than what you would pay for the same amount of food at one of my previous "'cheap" restaurants. OK, you get a small glass of fresh orange juice with it, but it is still not "budget". With no other option I went for the Rooster Breakfast at R48-00. This choice gives you a couple of things you normally won't find in budget breakfasts, but the bran muffin and the orange juice was so small, I would've put that on  the Kiddies Menu. The meal is served on a tin plate, which I have no problem with, but it was cold when I finally started eating. I had to go search for salt and pepper first. The home baked bread is very nice, but the eggs were put on the toast with no butter. I love butter, so I would've liked to have it my preferred way rather.  I just had one bite of the baked beans, I don't like baked beans too much and the 'hash potato" looked more like a scoop of mashed potatoes. But in general the food was not to complain about. For that price I would've expected a bit more though.

This is also a child friendly venue, and there are enough things (jumping caste, jungle gym, animals) to keep the kids busy. So, if you have children and you want to enjoy your breakfast while they chase the chickens or feed the birds, then this is not a bad choice. If it wasn't for the traffic noise, this would've been a very nice setting. And if you are not looking for a cheap breakfast, even better. But, according to my criteria I cannot give this restaurant much more than a 6.

Farmyard Farmstall: 6
Chaplans: 8
Mugg & Bean: 7
Wimpy: 7
Carlucci's: 9


  1. Flies on the food ... that's nothing.....take a look inside the kitchen next time's disgusting. I worked there so I know. Not only do they treat their staff terribly but the place is gross.

  2. Hahaha. Thanks for that update, I'll think about your comment next time I venture in that direction again.

  3. With all dues respect, it isn't 'trying' to be a farm setting, it is. Look around. I suggest if you are mjore of a city slicker try the 6h30am role call of something in town, such as Newport Deli, and leave the 'countryside' to those of us who actually live on the West Coast.