Sunday, December 19, 2010

Colours of Cape Town

Even though I live in Cape Town I hardly ever see the city center. I was  rather amazed a couple of years ago when I went to Green Market Square and felt the tourist vibe that the Mother City has. I was always under the impression that the city center was more of a destination if you are into drug smuggling or prostitution. I am sure you can still find it there at night, but during the day it is rather a nice experiencing to walk around between the stalls and drink coffee at one of the many street restaurants. Yesterday I took the opportunity to walk around the stalls like a tourist armed with my camera and beach hat. The sun wasn't playing along in all my shots as much as I would've liked it to, but there is such a variety of subjects to take pictures of that one can really take pictures from morning 'til noon. I think that one day I will take the whole day and create a whole portfolio on the "Colours of Cape Town".

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